Oh Paris, I fell in love with you

Paris Mon Amour Oh Paris.... you wonderful city. You cast a spell over me. In the last nine month I visited you two times and I am willing to come back soon 🙂 What I really love about Paris is the flair it spreads everywhere. There's beauty in every corner. Cute cafes with beautiful pastries,… Continue reading Oh Paris, I fell in love with you


South Africa #5: Franschhoek

The last station of my trip was Franschhoek. Franschhoek is a really cute and tiny village, that is located in a valley about one and a half hour away from Cape Town. It's famous for the many vineyards around. I think this is the reason why many people visit Franschhoek. Unfortunately I wasn't into drinking… Continue reading South Africa #5: Franschhoek

South Africa #4: Colchester – overwhelming dunes and wild animals

  Colchester After another 400 km I arrived in Colchester. The first thing I thought about it was: Why would you come here? 😀 There's really nothing. Just a gas station, a small supermarket and one pub. But nevertheless there are some things to explore around Colchester. I think most people come here to visit… Continue reading South Africa #4: Colchester – overwhelming dunes and wild animals

South Africa #2: Hermanus – I could stay here forever

Cliffs, 250 benches, whales and the big wide ocean My second stop in South Africa was Hermanus. A small town south of Cape Town. It's located on a small land strip between the mountainside and the big wide ocean. Although it's a very small town, you won't get bored there. There are many beautiful hiking… Continue reading South Africa #2: Hermanus – I could stay here forever