Get unique with your own ring style

I love wearing jewelry. For me it’s one of these accessorize, that upgrades your outfit and can create your unique style. No matter if you like rings, earclips, bracelets or necklaces, it always represents you in your own individual way.

Rings are my essential. I wear them everyday, to every outfit and I feel naked, when I forget them home 😀

To get that unique style, I’m talking about, it’s not about the individual ring itself, it’s the combination, that makes it outstanding and unique. And the combinations are endless. You can wear one ring on each finger or all rings on one finger. You decide, what you like. This is the point, where you can get creative and create your own individual style.

I think the rings of Pandora are perfect to do this. You have a big variety and many variations of rings, that you can use. You will definitely find the combination you like. I’ve been to the store so many times and tried so many different combinations. It’s always fun and exciting to go there.

My favorite combination is a sparkling roségold memory ring surrounded by two silver pearls rings. Mostly I wear them all on my forefinger or my middle finger. But sometimes I also split them on two fingers.

Now it’s up to you. Try out what you like, find the combination that fits to you and have fun 😉

*in cooperation with Pandora


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